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Soul Face portraiture is an interactive communication revealing a more authentic SELF. It is not like a literal portrait session that results in depiction of a physical likeness, but a healing Experience, connecting deeply with and inviting the Soul Self to be seen. The process is a form of automatic drawing in which the confines of formal artistic training are suspended and instead replaced by a complete trusting of the image and information that emerges.

"It is not completely possible to explain how I am able to provide this experience. I have learned over the years to accept that this ability is a gift that I am willing to share and evolve for the benefit of myself and others.

"I was inspired to create "Soul Face" portraits 23 years ago and estimate that I have drawn over 1500 portraits to date. The images have grown from literal portraits to what they have become today, a reflection of an individual souls evolving life expression.

"I have been doing these portraits at Psychic Fairs across the Southwest and Colorado. I am now able to create portraits remotely, connecting with the individual through a photograph and some basic information."



“What a powerful impact this drawing and the process had on me!” A.P., Abilene, TX


“My portrait continues to feed me with information even months later. ”A.K. Abilene, TX


“Even though I know it’s not my face, I know this essence of me.” S.B. Detroit, MI.


“You are one of the very few people that I could truly show myself to and be understood. I deeply thank you for that.” M.C. Denver, CO


“Thank you for being such a brilliant interpreter of my symbols. You were of great help to me.” R.E. Taos, NM


Jon Shore, noted empathic healer, formally of Santa Fe New Mexico says of Elizabeth: “She has the ability to go into the soul and feel it…to feel inside someone else…one benefits from the experience itself, not just from the portrait.”