Soulface, Visionary Drum 1
Soulface, Visionary Drum 2
Soulface, Visionary Drum 3
Soulface, Visionary Drum 4
Soulface, Visionary Drum 5


I began creating Drum Visions 20 years ago. It originated as a way for individuals who had powerful experiences while on Vision Quest, to stay connected to their Vision. They would relate their experience and I would visually interpret it on their drum, which had been carried on their Quest.

Currently, I am creating a more elaborate form of “Soul Face” portraiture on drums using interview and guided inspiration as a way to discover what is to be visually revealed.

Because I have more time to devote to this deep connection with the person, I am able to receive a rich visual impression from their souls landscape.


Price of painting your personal drum begins at $200 depending on the size of drum, plus shipping costs if necessary.

If you wish to purchase a drum from me, I order each 'blank' drum individually from Sweet Medicine Drums of Taos, New Mexico.  Hand held drums range in price from $100 up depending on style and size.